What separates us from the competition?

Our unique value proposition.



Our Vision:
To remedy your small business problems.


Our Mission:
To strengthen the service industry of Northern California.


Inquiry: What keeps you awake?

Insight: The health and maturity of your business and partner relations.

Inquiry: Is there an alternative that provides a solution to your situation?

Insight: Sean Dinwiddie produces software and advertises promotions for small service businesses effectively offering companies inexpensive high-quality empowerment without the need to buy and discard mindless scam offerings, you can literally depend on us.

Our niche: Helping small service businesses in Shasta County to be more efficient by utilizing specifically developed software and to serve more customers through smart acquisition methods.

The Results: For each problem that we solve for our clients we get one step closer to accomplishing our mission. It's no longer just about the money. Every team member at our company knows that their work is meaningful and that the harder they strive the more people get wonderful, deep, restful, dramatically improved sleep. We are inspired by vision, passion, drive, a niche we love and believe in, we get to change the world one small business at a time.

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