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New website design.


Anyone who owns a small business will eventually need a website. This is inevitable in today’s high tech world.


Why do small businesses need a website?


The reason why is simple. Marketing and information. According to statistics 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, 97% search for reviews and 51% made their purchases online. If your business isn’t on the web it will be very hard for customers to find you. In fact, you may as well not even exist.


What are the new trends in web design?


New website design is all about grabbing attention. For this reason visual design is more important than ever. Pictures, illustrations, bold typography and video headers all serve to grab attention and engage users.


What is the best design for a website?


Usability is critical. Your site should be simple, easy to navigate and provide what visitors are looking for. It should also be mobile compatible, load quickly and SEO compliant. Most importantly, it should attempt to convert visitors into customers.


We regard ourselves as one of the best small business web design companies working today. What makes us great is our reliability, attention to detail and painstaking visual design.


The best website designers for small businesses know how to get and keep attention.


Bottom line a website is a valuable investment for any business.


If you’d like to learn more about our new website development services call 530-638-3238, message on social, or email seandinwiddie@gmail.com

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